ART@TECH in concert // Lucid Grain & Panic Girl

18.01.2020 // 7pm // Kulturraum 405 e.V.

Lucid Grain is more than a collaboration – it’s a fusion between the soundscapes of Martha Bahr and Anatol Locker. Combining modular grains with analog soundwaves, they are creating abstract, but highly enjoyable pieces. „Rise & Fall“ is Lucid Grain’s first album. The seven tracks were done by jamming and then editing the best moments. To keep things more interesting for themselves, Martha and Anatol start out their jam sessions without knowing what the other one had prepared.

Panic Girl is a modular downtempo artist based in Munich, Germany. She dedicated her life to music from an early age. After receiving classical training in piano, guitar, and singing she got deep into the production of electronic music. If you visit her place, it is hard to not fall over a big mess of cables and different production gear like the Marxophone, a Eurorack System, ARP2600, Jomox XBase 09, Casio CZ 5000 or Juno 60 synthesizer. Influenced by a wide range of music Panic Girl delivers a deep mixture of electronica and experimental sounds. Besides writing her own lyrics, she writes and produces all recordings on her own. Together with Anatol Locker she forms Lucid Grain, a modular project having released their first album on the label Modularfield.